Welcome to MTCI

MaxTech Computer institute is committed to student’s satisfaction in the 17 years. MTCI’s aim is to provide Computer education in a very friendly Environment and through the use of modern software tools to improve the level of skills among the students. Whether you are new to the computer industry or to improve your skills, we have the right course for you. MTCI have well qualified, experienced certified instructors train the participants with easy to use step by step training material in the most optimized period of time.

The computer labs of MTCI are well equipped with latest computer technology and all training courses are designed to develop in depth understanding of computer technology.

MTCI believes that computer sciences is a practical field and thus evaluates the students on the basis practical performance.

Software House

MTCI has a talented and professional team of developers which focuses on developing applications for web, desktop & smartphone devices. It develops a variety of projects locally and internationally. In 2015, it expanded to Canada with a branch in Calgary, Alberta.

VU Campus

Virtual University of Pakistan's official campus in Swat valley is situated in College colony Saidu Sharif, VU Campus is established by Maxtech Computer Institution, to provide quality education to their students at the door step. For Courses Detail please visit the program and courses given in the main menu.


MaxTech Computer Institute is affiliated with Virtual University of Pakistan(VU), Borad of Technical Education(BTE), Skill Development Council(SDC).